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A special thanks to Terrance "Doc" Rogan for hosting this outstanding game. This game was dedicated to the memory of the ill fated SEAL team that was protrude in the movie "Lone Survivor." 

The concept designed by Dr King was to have 10 way points with a number, letter and a black ball. All the players were divided in 4-5 man teams. The object of the game was for each team acting as a SEAL team gathering intelligence on the Teliban. All other teams to that team was to be considered as Teliban and subject to death by bbs! Each team was given a map with 10 squares to record in the a square the letter at each waypoint. When arriving at each waypoint the team was to pickup the blackball at the flag. If a team gets shot out of play, the team winning the firefight asks the downed players "search" and if they are holding any black balls they are to give the balls to them. 

In order to win the game a team must record all 10 waypoints and have the most "BALLS!"

Pictures and the winning team to be listed shortly
After Action Report for Operation Mountain Tiger

A total of 20 people were divided into five four-man teams. Each team moved to 10 different waypoints gathering "intel" at each point or capturing "intel" from the downed enemy over a 4 hour period of time. These were the standings at the end of fighting...

Team 1 captured 7 waypoints and had 2 pieces of intel.
Team 2 captured 10 waypoints and had 5 pieces of intel. THE WINNERS!
Team 3 captured 10 waypoints and had 0 pieces of intel.
Team 4 captured 9 waypoints and had 3 pieces of intel.

"Our youngest team member was put on point for experience since I had prior knowledge of the waypoint placement. We came across another team eating lunch while moving from Budweiser to Corona. A firefight erupted causing us to have two casualties. We made it to all waypoints except for Samuel Adams due to a clerical error. We captured Guinness and was making a move on Corona again when we encountered two enemy patrols on the road, one to the front and one to the rear. Our only means of escape was to go over the edge of the road down the steep embankment covered by thick brush to the dried creek below. We tripped and fell while being shot at from above until we were able to disappear into the dense foliage. We sustained one additional casualty as a result of gunfire from above and fought off the team making a push for Guinness to our rear. Corona was captured by staying in the creek bed just as time ran out."

  Doc, Team 4
More pictures to come

The rebel forces fought hard to keep Red Star and Mike Force from the 4 SCUDs along the west ridge. Red Star took down the first SCUD at 1109 hrs with Mike Force pushing east for the second. At 1150 hrs the SCUD was destroyed. The fight continued into the afternoon with the discovery that there is six more to destroy.