To eliminate lengthy Safety and Airsoft Rules briefings, guests may be required to take a multiple choice test of safety questions before being allowed to play. So please read these rules carefully! Fire Team Members will be occasionally spot checked.


These rules are given to help you have an enjoyable playing experience. Each player has promised to play with HONOR, HONESTY, INTEGRITY and RESPECT. Play as if you are an actor in a movie. When you are "HIT!" and shot OUT!, play it up! Have fun and die with drama!  
Each player will need the following 3 items for play:

1.Red Death Rag ( The Red Bandanna provided at your first game)
2.Bring a wrist watch with a second hand
3.A positive fun attitude 

The main object in Airsoft is to have fun by shooting the opposing player, "OUT!" 
This is done by shooting one or more bbs into THE BODY KILL ZONE.
.1 The BODY KILL ZONE as illustrated below consists of the head, neck, trunk, arms legs and all equipment; front back and sides, including hats and helmets. As illustrated below. Note: Gun hits do not count.
.1 When a player is "HIT!" with within THE BODY KILL ZONE with one or more bbs the player is then shot "OUT!" of play.
.2 When shot in THE BODY KILL ZONE the player immediately shouts "HIT!" or "OUT!" Players are encouraged to use other Hollywood style death screams with the shout of "HIT!" or "OUT!" And then fakes their death as realistically (like Hollywood) and safe as possible, dropping to the ground playing dead. 
.3 The player then pulls out the Red Death Rag and places it over their head and face laying still in the condition of death for 3 minutes.

.4 Should there be bbs still being shot in the players direction, the player waves the Red Death Rag calling "OUT!" until it is safe to lay still again. Should a player lose their Red Death Rag just wave your hand back and forth calling "OUT!"
.5 The player only moves the arm in the use of the Red Death Rag and viewing the watch!
.6 Dead Men tell No Tales! During the time that the player is down he is allowed to communicate in any form to any player that is"OUT!" or in play, with the exception of the Game Master or an appointed Field Controller(s).
.7 Players not acting dead, talking or sitting may receive a penalty. 


.8 If you feel that a player has been shot and has not called "HIT!" or "OUT!," keep shooting that player with the assumption that the player has not felt the bb(s) and is playing honorably

.9 Do not yell and tell the player he has been "HIT!" or "OUT!" or that they are cheating for this distracts from the realism of the combat simulation.

.10 Players that are caught being dishonorable by not calling "HIT!" or "OUT!" will be subject to penalty. Only the Game Master and the Field Controller(s) are allowed to enforce the rules and issue penalties. 

.11 If you see a player on your team that has been hit by a non-felt bb(s) tell him, so he can call, "HIT!" or "OUT!" 

.12 BBs flying through (not trickling down) brush counts. A bb that bounces (ricochets) off another player or hard object such as rocks, trees and buildings are not counted as a hit. Gun hits do not count. 

.13 If you are shot by one of your team mates you are "OUT!" Friendly fire is not friendly!  

.14 Players that are "OUT!" of play may not be used as a barrier moving or stationary.

.15 Enemy players telling an "OUT!" player the word "Search!" That "OUT!" player must surrender the intelligence or the item(s) that is part of the game as instructed in the game scenario.

.15 Do not use the word "OUT!" or "HIT!" unless it applies to you!

.16 "OUT!" players may be moved by out of the line of fire by fellow players.

.1 For safety should you approach a player within 4 adult paces you must shoot him by saying BANG, BANG! 

.2 The Bang Kill must be muzzle line of site on the player being BANGED OUT and with no obstructions. Your Airsoft gun must be operational and able to shoot should the person become outside the 4 pace rule. 

.3 No blind fire is allowed under the Bang Rule 4 pace limit. When in doubt do not do it! 

.4 Should two opposing players find themselves face to face within the 4 pace limit, the first player who says BANG! Wins! But the winning player must say two BANG! BANGS! 

.5 If you have a suppressed gun you may use THE BANG RULE by saying quietly: "Bang! Bang!" 

.6 The Bang Kill is a non-recoverable "OUT!" Therefore,"OUT!" or recovering players that have been bang killed may not be recovered by Medics as per the Medic rule and must return to the re-spon point after their down time of 3 minutes is up.

.7 No more then 2 players  may be BANG KILLED at any time within the 4 pace limit. If there is more then 2 players within the 4 pace limit - step back out of the 4 pace limit and SHOOT THEM ALL! If you can!

"OUT!".1 Each team may have no more than one team medic - 1 per 4 players.

.2 Medics are designated by medic wrist bands or Velcro patch. 

.3 A team medic may restore to recovering status an "OUT!" player by saying "I am a medic and I can help you!" Then the medic takes the players DEAD RAG and ties it on one of the DOWNED PLAYERS arm above the elbow.  The medic now taps the player on the shoulder and tells the recovering player "you are now recovering and will be totally recovered when your 3 minute down time is up!" 



.6 The recovering player then may talk and share intelligence, etc. after being wrapped up. Any team member may move a recovering player by holding the players arm. Should the player that is moving the recovering player be shot "OUT!" and/or lets go of the players arm, the recovering player sits down until moved again or has completed their "Recovery" time. 

.7 Recovering players shot during recovery returns to "OUT!" status as per the "OUT" rule. 

.8 Any player being recovered to normal play by a team medic(s) may do so TWO times. The THIRD time shot "OUT!" the player may not be recovered and is "OUT!" of play!!!!! This is a matter of honor! 

Three strikes you're "OUT!"

.9 If a medic is killed, another player may not pick up the medic wristband and/or become the team medic. The team is out of luck until the medic re-enters game play from the RE-SPAWN POINT.

​the players
.1 After the non-revived "OUT!" player has been down for 3 minutes he calls out loud for all to hear DEAD MAN RISING!

Then the player waves their Red Death Rag all the way to the RE-SPAWN POINT. Should there be a fire fight in the area the "OUT!" player is traveling through; the "OUT!" player waves his Red Death Rag and calls as he walks, calling out for all to hear, DEAD MAN WALKING! 

.2 The RE-SPAWN POINT is a no shoot safe zone where an"OUT!" player may be restored to normal play status and quickly return back into the game.

.3 It is dishonorable to snipe, ambush or attack any player entering or leaving a RE-SPAWN POINT. 

.4 When the "OUT!" player arrives at the RE-SPAWN POINT he is to:
1. Record the players "OUT!" should there be a Death Record.
2. The Red Death Rag and those items is then placed back in his pouch or pocket
3. Immediately returns to the game. 

.5 The only players allowed to stay at the RE-SPAWN POINT are those repairing their equipment, cleaning their goggles or recovering because of a health concern.  

.6 All other players not returning to the game could receive PENALTY. 


.1 Taking Prisoners of War is possible during the game if an enemy Medic applies first-aid to an "OUT!" or recovering opponent that is in that players three minute down or recovery time. 

.2 The captor may "search" a POW or an "OUT!" player which has not been made a POW. The non-out player says to the prisoner or "OUT!" player "Search" and that player is required to turn over any game documents, Airsoft guns or special props to the captor as set by the Game Master during the briefing. Weapons that are surrendered to the captors, when arriving at the holding point are placed in a visible safe distance away from the POW. 

.3 A captured POW must comply and may be herded along at gun-point, place their hands behind their heads when traveling and/or been instructed by their captors to do so.

.4 The POW may be rescued by friendly forces. If a friendly player reaches and touches a POW, the POW may re-enter the game, retrieve and use his weapons. Otherwise the POW must remain where he is taken, although a guard is expected to watch over them. 

.5 If left unguarded; and only if the guard is physically out of line of sight, and/or the guard leaves the area or has been shot "OUT!" of play then and only then the POW may try to escape. 

.6 Unrecovered POW's must be sent back to the RE-SPAWN POINT after 10 minutes of captivity as a POW unless otherwise indicated by the Game master for that game; waving their Red Death Rag with their items taken by their captures calling DEAD MAN WALKING! Then the player may re-enter the game as a regular player. 

Play it up like you are in a movie!

.1 When entering a structure or rooms that are less than 4 adult paces by 4 adult paces or less, you must be careful to use the Bang rule properly when indicated. For safety sake, be careful of proper distancing!

.2 Remember no blind fire is allowed! 

In order to control the quality of the game these penalties will be given for the following infractions:

.1 Removing goggles during game play. (They may be removed at the RE-SPAWN POINT)

.2 Foul language (verbal abuse increases anger and can lead to physical assault)

.3 Cheating by not calling "OUT!" when legitimately been shot "OUT!"

.4 Not playing dead by moving about or talking other then for safety reasons

.5 Shooting players that are "OUT!" or a player returning to the game from the RE-SPAWN POINT

.6 Not following the MEDIC rule properly, i.e., like not playing dead!

.7 Any rule infraction deemed by the GAME MASTER or the Field Controller(S).  

1st offense15 minutes at the RE-SPAWN POINT

2nd offenseSit out the rest of the game period

3rd offenseSuspended from the next scheduled game

.1 It is a matter of honor to follow the above rules. By using these rules correctly you may receive the greatest benefit from the game.

.2 We will ban individuals for continual disturbance in or out of our games. We also reserve the right to prohibit individuals from games.

.3 Occasionally misunderstandings happen during the game; should there be one, please bring it to the attention of the Game Master or a Field Controller(s) so it can be handled in a timely matter as it applies. It is a matter of dishonor to not handle upsets directly with the Game Master and/or Field Controller(s) during the game day and very dishonorable to share your upset with others outside the facts of the situation. It is unfair to the club and other players by sharing your upset with those who would only see your side of that upset. This could be considered as gossip!

In any game there are winners and losers. If you are on the losing side go away with the concept of what you can do the next time that would allow your team to do better and win. Be a good sport!

.1 The maximum Airsoft bb speed and weight is 400 fps with .25 bbs. Exceptions can be made by prior request for larger bbs and sniper guns.
Note: only established club members who are known as honorable players and/or Recondo qualified qualify for the sniper rules.
BBs and guns not approved by the Game Master and failing the chronograph will not be allowed in the game. 

.2 All players are to test fire only in pre-designated areas. NOTE: ALL MEMBERS AND GUESTS WILL USE BIO-DEGRADEABLE BBs.

.3 It is important that you can hear your opponents calling OUT! Shoot in short bursts so you do not dishonorably double shoot those calling "OUT!" 

.4 ANSI rated goggles are to be worn at all times during the play period. 

.5 All members will have teeth protection. We highly recommend SISU Mouth Guards. All guest minors will wear full face paintball mask.

.6 All players assume their own responsibility for their health and fitness; when in doubt check with your health care provider. 

.7 DO NOT REMOVE YOUR GOGGLES/GLASSES DURING PLAY TO CLEAN THEM! Clean them at the Re-spawn only. Be prepared with your goggles/glasses cleaned and treated with anti-fog prior to the game and/or carry a small bottle to the field with a clean soft cloth to be used at the re-spawn point.

.8 Do not use the Red Death Rag for anything except as used in the above rules.

.1 Any booby traps, grenades or special devises to be used in the game must be approved by the Game Master and introduced to the players prior to the game period in which it is intended to be used.

.2 The "sound" type grenades have a four pace kill radius. 
.1 Real firearms or non-airsoft bb guns
.2 Illegal drugs 
.3 Alcohol
.4 Tobacco products in the staging and game area.
.5 Knives (pocket type knifes and tools are ok!)
.6. Unapproved pyrotechnics, smoke, flares, flash bangs etc.

To and from the game site is the player's responsibility. It is recommended that the player store the Airsoft gun:
1.On safe
2.Battery detached
3.Magazine detached
4.Stored away from the reach of passengers, i.e. the trunk of the car
5.In a gun case

We recommend that the player place a tag on the container with the following words: SPORT AIRSOFT GUN 
Non-players in the game field are allowed only with the Game Masters permission.

All approved non-players must wear bright colors and protective eye wear. 

These guests may not communicate or assist players in any form!

When in doubt, call "OUT!"
HIT! = Being just hit by a BB or BBS
OUT!= Out of play after being HIT!
For night games use red chem light, flash light or any other red type light.
At the Game Masters desecration the "Universal Medic Rule" may be used in which every player is a medic. OR, it might be declared "Sudden Death" in which there is no Medic Rule. (this is good for the last 15 minutes of a game)