The Mobile Strike Force Command, or MIKE FORCE, was a key component of United States Army Special Forces in the Vietnam War. 
This Rapid Response unit is now lead by ODA 831 MIKE FORCE ONE and trains and participates in operations in the global war on terror
October 11th

0900hrs at 

7020 Valle Pacifico Rd

Salinas (Prunedale), Ca

Limited Parking so Car Pool
Dear friends, members and guests.

The Mike Force Airsoft Club has been offline for over a couple of years now. After moving from Moss Landing all the available playing fields dried up. One of our members is presently working on a great field in the area. He is trying to close all the loose ends before we are able to play at that site. In the mean time, we can play some short games on the hill behind my home in Prunedale. The plan is to play there monthly until we secure another site for playing our most outstanding sport.

Parking will be limited so as much as possible car pool. Please be responsible when transporting your airsoft guns. Also, read the rules of play and remember we have a new rule using two ace bandages. 

Circle the date and get everything ready for a great day of play!

See ya then! 

Dr Steve King