The Mobile Strike Force Command, or MIKE FORCE, was a key component of United States Army Special Forces in the Vietnam War. 
This Rapid Response unit is now lead by ODA 831 MIKE FORCE ONE and trains and participates in operations in the global war on terror
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Welcome to the MIKE FORCE TACTICAL AIRSOFT CLUB . Mike Force is an Airsoft club located in Central California that specializes in modern combat simulation. Our games are usually on the second Sunday of each month and games are open to all non-members (who we call guests) that are 9 years old and up. The following is what is required for our guests to play Airsoft with our club at sign-in: Click the yellow underlined words to go to that section or page.

1.​Read and understand Dr. King’s Rules for Safe and Sane Play. Guests will be tested on their understanding of the rules.

2.​All guest airsoft pistols and rifles will be chronograph and no guest airsoft gun shall exceed 400fps with .25 bbs. 

3.​All guests and members must have a signed release which is good for the calendar year 2014 - 

January to December 31st. All guests under 18 years of age must have their parent or guardian sign the release.

4.​All guests under the age of 18 must have a full face paint ball mask. No screened goggles are allowed. 

All guests over 18 must have sealed goggles and teeth protection. We highly recommend SISU Mouth Guards 

5.Guests may wear any type of camouflage, please remember this is combat simulation so dress for battle. 

6.​Be prepared to have everything you need for at least 4 hours of play: extra bbs, battery, gas, water and food. Carry it on you!!!!!!!! For this game there will be a in field 30 minute lunch break.

7.​There is no guest player fee for this game. If you have the Red Mike Force Death Rag (the Red Bandana provided at your first game. A replacement bandana is $5) from past games, tie it to your left forearm at sign-in. 

8. And do bring a wrist watch with a second hand to time your "OUT's." Only the Mike Force Death Rag is allowed. 

9.​Guests arriving late during and/or after the briefing starts 1000hrs (10am) will be turned away!

10. All MIKE FORCE Club members must wear Multicam for this game with the Mike Force patch on the left arm.

You are invited all to come out for a great day of combat simulation. Go to the OPERATIONS page for time, date and address.

Get out and play! text.