6 April 2014

10 am Sharp!

2505 Wild Oak Rd Lompoc CA 93436


Sign in time: 1000 hrs (10am) SHARP!
Sign in closes at 1100 hrs (11am) and/or when the game briefing begins. Those arriving late will not be able to play. Please arrive on time!

Game and club activities are scheduled to end by 1600 hrs (4 PM)

Please read and understand the rules regarding members and guests under 18 years of age

 The Mobile Strike Force Command, or MIKE FORCE, was a key component of United States Army Special Forces in the Vietnam War. 
This Rapid Response unit is now lead by ODA 831 MIKE FORCE ONE and trains and participates in operations in the global war on terror
Here is the story

Deep in enemy territory and captured and then overwhelming the guards you grab a pistol and run for your life. One of the guards, a spy has setup waypoints with ammo, food and water. Each waypoint points to the next all the way to the extraction point. This will not be easy!!!!!!!