Our club was named after the Mobile Strike Force Command, or MIKE FORCE, that was a key component of United States Army Special Forces during the Vietnam War. 

Operation Double Edge Knife
8 December 2019

0930hrs (9:30am) at 

7020 Valle Pacifico Rd

Salinas (Prunedale), Ca

Limited Parking so Car Pool

Use your GPS that will take you to our mail box. Turn left up the hill to our parking area
Dear friends, members and guests.

Parking will be limited so as much as possible car pool. Please be responsible when transporting your airsoft guns. Also, read the rules of play

Circle the date and get everything ready for a great day of play!

See ya then! 

Dr Steve King

The object of this game is to remove 8 opposing forces flags and replacing them with your teams flags in any order your team plans. The team with the most flags up at the end of the game wins.

All the defenders have an arm band. When the attacking force shoots a defender out of play, the out player goes to the respond point removes the arm band and then joins the attackers​. 

Pick up objects and take them to a point in the field

A small team rescues a downed pilot and then take him to an extraction point

Rescue an encircled team and guide them to an extraction point

You against the world gathering intel at waypoints 
You and your assigned buddy will have to avoid 
Hunter Killer Teams to gather intel at 10 waypoints