Boonie Hats Same as your Combat Shirts
Ops Core Helmet​
ANSI rated Safety Glasses and teeth
protection. We highly recommend: 
SISU Mouth Guards

  3 Combat Shirts
  Black Pants
  Tan military belt
  Tan boots
  OD Mike Force and Red Star name tags
  OD Last Name- name tag
  Mike Force and Red Star patch
  Reverse American flag


  Sniper veil
  Omega Assault Vest with
  9+ Standard Magazines
  Water system
  FRS Radio system
  BB reloading system
  Butt pack

M16/M4 AEG (preferred) with single point sling

1911 Pistol (preferred) and holster with 
2+ extra magazines


Knee guards

Red Death Rag (Bandana)

Watch with second hand

With the black combat pants any of the three tops can be interchanged with Red Star or Mike Force Patches allowing at least 6 variations of team uniform. Be part of the team - LOOK SHARP!

The Mike Force Recondo Arrow Head is only worn only by Recondo qualified members on the right arm.

This is also the Mike Force Recondo student equipment and uniform 

Load your magazines with the real steal loads, i.e. M4/M16 uses 30 rounds per magazine so, load your airsoft magazine for realism with 30 bbs. Hicap magazines take from the realism of the game and are not to be used by members.

Red Star Airsoft Guns: