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RECONDO derived from three words:  Reconnaissance, Commando and Doughboy. Based on the actual Special Forces Recondo School from Vietnam, this training school teaches you how to maximize your potential, increase your skills and efficiency, while decreasing your “Down-time.” Instruction is provided by previous Airsoft Recondo graduates, the Mike Force One team and a Special Forces "Green Beret" veteran.


A total of 3 tactical training phases and an examination / selection phase are required to qualify as a RECONDO, Each tactical phase is only $80.


Upon successful completion the examination / selection phase, you will receive a certificate signed by your instructor(s) honoring your achievement and an Airsoft RECONDO patch.


The uniform section will show all the items for Recondo School. You do not need to have all the equipment to start, however all items are required to graduate.

 Minimum to start bring an AEG or GBB rifle with 6 standard magazines, GBB pistol with 2 extra magazines and the Multicam uniform. Also, bring enough bbs, batteries, gas, water and food for the 8 hours of training. 


RECONDO students under 18 must wear sealed goggles and mouth piece during training.


       Learn proper individual skills


       Learn how to work with a team mate (2 man)


       Learn how to work with a team (4 to 6 man)


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